Meet Julianne, Ms. Senior Florida

Mrs. Senior Florida“To look at Julianne Talley, a statuesque 61-year-old beauty, one would never know she has conquered both obesity and cancer.

The Ms. Senior Florida contestant glided through the Vero Beach High School Performing Arts Center with the humility of someone who underestimates her beauty. Little did she know, she was about to be crowned Ms. Senior Florida 2014.”  Tia Brueggeman  of CNN

I never dreamed I’d do anything like this. In this video, I talk about my fears, reservations and challenges of being a first-time pageant girl at 61 (stepping WAY outside my box). I also share my goal as I represent Florida women over 60, my passion and dreams as I continue to strive to make a difference in my age of elegance!

Read the article on CNN.
Read the article in the Press Journal.

Learn more about Ms. Senior America & Ms. Senior Florida.


One comment

  1. ok I have to say this made me cry…touched my heart, burned in my soul, sent chills through my body. You are a beautiful spirit and your genuine willingness to serve and help is evident in this video. God Bless You! and thank you so very much.


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