Ms. Senior Florida 2014

Mrs. Senior Florida“At 61, this first-time pageant girl never dreamed she’d do something like this. After someone suggested she run, she decided she needed to step out of her comfort zone, and hoped she could at least encourage the ladies in the pageant with her story of conquering obstacles including obesity and cancer. She also knew it would grow herself in the process – and she was right!

Julianne never even thought about winning. Winning for her was just showing up and following through this incredible task. She is now so excited to have the opportunity to encourage women her age across the state, and potentially nationally, to live outside their comfort zones, chase their dreams and be all they can be at every age.

Ms. Senior Florida 2014Julianne also won Best Talent, singing and playing Sentimental Journey on the piano. Julianne plays at local venues in her hometown, Vero Beach, Florida. Julianne was born in and raised in Tallahassee, Florida and moved to Vero Beach in 2006. She is now preparing to represent Florida at Ms Senior America in Atlantic City this October.”

What An Experience!

Why I did the Pageant: I decided to enter the 2014 after a lot of thought and prayer.  When I realized that it was an opportunity to reach my dream to touch women across the country to inspire them to take better care of themselves, and to set goals, dream dreams, and do what it takes to reach those goals.  

What I learned from this experience: I learned several things:  The power of the spoken word and how it can impact others positively and how important it is to be myself always; working to get the message across in the most positive way possible.  I also thought I was the only one stepping out of my comfort zone….and I was inspired by the many contestants who were also experiencing the same thing.  We faced our fears, took on new challenges and made lasting friendships.

What I hope to do as Ms. Senior Florida/Ms. Senior America: It has been my dream to reach women across the country to encourage them that we ‘ain’t dead yet’ (as seniors)!   We can still do what we are inspired to do…it just may take a little bit more planning and creativity!  We can do that zip line in Costa Rica, we can get that long awaited degree, we can lose the weight, we can develop our spiritual lives to have a  more intimate relationship with God, we can increase our physical strength, get off unnecessary medications, and totally re-invent ourselves if we so choose.  By dedicating ourselves to a healthier life-style, many of these things will fall into place.  Increased self-esteem, value, confidence and maturity are all a part of growth and I can’t wait to share with women how important this is, and how attainable this is!


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