Negative? Positive!

I have always been a very positive person, looking for the good in everything I possibly can. I used to tell my children “look for the good and you will find it. Look for the bad and you will find it.” It really is our choice as to how we look at life.
As we get older life does seem to get more difficult at times. It is very easy to get down and look at how bad things are. But the more we have that attitude the more down we get and the more difficult things look.

When I catch myself being down like that I remind myself that there is always good and I search for that good. When I had cancer in 1999 I struggled with being sad for months but then I realized how fortunate I really was! Yes, I had cancer. Yes, I had surgery. Yes, I had radiation BUT but the positive was-they caught my cancer early, my surgery was a lumpectomy and radiation could have been worse! So many people had it so much worse. Cancer also taught me patience, how to sympathize with others, and taught me compassion. Things I truly needed to learn.

Look for the good all around you!

Look for the good all around you!

When you are struggling with something difficult I encourage you to look for things that are good. I have even drawn a line down the center of a piece of paper and put pros on one side and cons on the other and have always been surprised at how many pros there were and how few cons there were.

Truly looking for the good in life is an exercise that we all should practice. It will be an example to others as well as encourage your own self as you grow through difficulties.

Sadly, Many negative people don’t even realize they’re being negative. These are the people that always talk about how sick they are, or post on Facebook that their car broke down, or they’re throwing up, or their dog got hit, ….. Yes those things are happening, but they happen to all of us! We just don’t dwell on it. If you are wondering if you’re a negative person, a tip might be when you begin to notice that people don’t want to be around you.
People run from negative people yet are drawn to positive people.

What type of person are you! You really can do something about your attitude; take a good look and see if you are looking for the good in your life.


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  1. Really a great post – I am so blessed to learned the Promise with a capital P song and been directed to positive living in my early years. I am sure that has been a key to the very great life I enjoy living! Thanks for taking the time to say what many of us feel. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! We will see you in the AM but not sure staying for the whole service. HUGS


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