Eat Clean: Live Clean

Cleaning out things!

Cleaning out things!

When I eat clean, I live clean.  Have you ever noticed that about yourself?   It certainly is true for me.

When I let things slide:  dishes, closet, bathroom, car….that is a sure sign that my eating is sliding too!   The cleaner I eat, the cleaner I live.  I guess discipline effects everything, doesn’t it!
When my closet is in order, it usually means the rest of me is in order.

When I am eating well, excercising effectively and faithfully, many other things seem to fall into place.  My bank account/check book is up to date.  My bills are paid early, my kitchen cabinets stay cleaner, my dishes are never in the sink, the laundry is caught up, my focus at work is more accurate, I seem to have more time, I return calls (instead of throwing out a text), I keep my calendar updated, I am on time to appointments, my mind is in order and  …….the list goes on and on.   So the question is:  why don’t we do something about it when we notice we are sl!ding?  These are sure signs that we’re off, so what can we do to catch it before we wake up one morning and we have gained 20 pounds and our entire home is out of order?
Look around you.  Notice what isn’t getting done.Start making the extra effort to pick up, clean up, and sit up! Probably becuase you’ve quit really counting calories; open up your app and start today again…counting every bite. To kick start yourself, try cutting everything you eat in half.  Or, drink a protein shake only for the 1st day.
Clean out your closet.  This is a great mental exercise for me.  You’ll end up trying on clothes and ‘ut-oh’some may be tight.  You also might find a few things you forgot about that you love!
Put your shoulders back and stand tall.  Really!
Write down your goals.  For the month, for the year.  For 5 years.  This really is important; when you write it down it is imprinted into your mind and you will feel accountable to the outcome, even subconsciously.  The best reward is going back and reading them to realize you’ve met so many (if not all) of them!
Realize that every excuse you make is only a detrimet to you..and no one else.
‘Living’ is not always easy.  It takes discipline to experience life to the fullest.  Don’t we all want that?  We have the tools at our fingertips…just listen to your body, watch your actions and eat clean to live clean!


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