Month: July 2014

Are You “Wallering In Your Slop?”

I have a theory: Choose to be miserable, and you will be. Choose to be happy and free, and you will be.
Your choice: You choose!

It is really pretty simple but we over complicate it with letting our anger, unforgiveness and hurts get in the way and we simply cannot get over things so we can move on. People that cling to the negative, wear it on their faces and in their body language!

I remember a time when Tom and I had gone through a very difficult, hurtful time in our lives where we felt unfairly attacked and we just could not believe people could think we were such ‘bad people’ when in fact we felt we had given so much to the ministry! We really ‘wallowed in our slop’ for months and just relived the hurt, asked questions over and over, and just could not let it go. One day our very dear friends 17 year old son just piped up and said, “you guys just need to get over it and move on….talking about it doesn’t do anything but bring you further down.” What words of wisdom from such a young man and it completely turned us around. It was a lesson in forgiveness for us and we realized probably for the first time in our lives the power of letting go and forgiving. Through that process, we became winners and we overcame the evil and God honored our obedience. He hasn’t stopped pouring out His favor on us. The more we let go of the past, and ask forgiveness and move forward in faith….the more He blesses us. Now I don’t just mean material blessings….those are nice, but that isn’t what it is all about.

God has continued to show us the importance of ‘letting go’ and ‘moving on’ in order to grow us. The favor is in the thousands of prayers He has heard and He has answered. The blessings are ones of peace, contentment, joy, hope, abundant life, leadership, opportunities, ministry, family, relationships….. and the list goes on and on!

When we get out of our own way…that is when we can see more clearly ahead and God can actually do something! It is also when we can begin focusing on others, caring about other people, listening to others, taking time out for others….that is when life changes!

I know a precious woman who has never let her husband forget he was unfaithful so many years ago. Even though he has renewed his vow to her and has spent years proving his love for her and been faithful….she cannot get over his betrayal. I’m not saying that is easy to do….betrayal is one of the very deepest hurts; but it IS FORGIVEABLE! This poor woman is actually dying from the inside out because of the anger she carries and that is eating away at her. I believe if she could release the anger, forgive the hurt and move forward…she would revive! Her health would re-new (yes! It is connected) and she would have a new life!
Sometimes we have to say it with our mouths first, and then our hearts will follow. Say it, believe it, and do it!

If you need to quit ‘wallering in your slop’… it! It very well could save your life!

It's your choice!

It’s your choice!