Miserable and Didn’t Even Realize It

I know this title sounds odd to you, but I can only address this from my own personal experiences.

The fact is:  I don’t realize just how physically miserable I have been UNTIL I begin to clean up my diet and excercise routinely.  Let me explain by telling you about my past 10 months.IMG_2803

I competed in the Ms Senior Florida Pageanct in March of 2014 (and won!) so I focused on losing that last 10 pounds and getting into better shape. I got to my goal and continued working on myself through the month of June.  I felt the best I had in a long time and I was focused, sharp, alert, energetic and active.

Then came the ‘move’. We sold our home and moved and I totally lost focus. Now, I have done this off and on over the years and through various seasons, so you would think that I would LEARN, but I haven’t seemed to (yet)!

With the move into our new garden home, and since we bought a foreclosure, there was a lot of work to be done. So, along with our real jobs, we worked hard on getting the house ready. I began to be lazy and ate a little more volume, skipped workouts and began to not be as careful. Now, mind you, it wasn’t intentional, but I allowed a change to happen – and I allowed myself to be in denial that I was getting back to old habits that made me 100 pounds overweight in the first place 10 years ago.

IMG_2890Then, we headed out on a two week, 2800 mile motorcycle trip to Niagara Falls and I threw all caution to the wind and, although I didn’t gorge, I did eat out 3 times a day and did not exercise once. (unless you count getting off and on the bike 30 times a day!).

So, knowing I was competing in the Ms Senior America in late October, I knew I had to get my act together. But, I kept putting it off. Back home, and back at work, I was just dragging myself through the day – not being very effective, disciplined or focused. Well, when I realized I had 3 weeks before the pageant I finally grabbed myself by the shoulders and said, “Self. You can’t do this to yourself. Get back on track!’

I started with cutting out Splenda. I had cut sodas from my diet 2 years ago, so this was a big next step for me. Then I began a 7 day fast. (I don’t recommend this for everyone, but it worked for me).

I won’t bore you with the details, but here are 10 things I have realized about myself when I’m disciplined with my diet and exercise program.

productive1.) My head is much clearer.
2.) I am a lot more focused and get twice the work done.
3.) I feel better about myself.
4.) I am more sharp.
5.) My attitude is better.
6.) I am more disciplined – not just in exercise, but in my daily walk with the Lord.
7.) I am more interested in others.
8.) I am more willing to take instruction.
9.) I am more determined.
10.) I am more visionary.

I realize there are a lot of I’s. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about me all the time. However, I had to fix this and it started with ‘me’.

So, after reading that list, I realized that all the things I listed were the mirror opposites of how I was feeling back in August/September. Interesting. I realized I was actually Miserable and Didn’t Even Realize It – or admit it!

Are you Miserable?
Hello-my-name-is-MiserableWould you even know it? Would you like to experience newness and throw the miserable person out the window – and discover the new, refreshed person? I could preach a sermon here on what I believe the Abundant Life is, and how God orchestrates that for us through our admission that we need Him – but I won’t go into that here. (You can read my other blogs that address that!)

My reason for this blog is to admit publicly that I struggle with this and to challenge myself to learn this once and for all!  And in doing this for myself, maybe you can embrace this in your own life.

As I headed off to Atlantic City to compete in the Ms Senior America, I was energized in that I knew I had control over this.  God has given me the tools, and the brain, to do what I need to do to take care of myself so I can be a more effective ‘missionary’ for Him.

I thank God I took back control before I gained much weight. (15 pounds is a killer though and I refuse to allow that to control my life – and it can!) I was almost back in my gowns. I was re-energized and ready to face America with a big smile on my face because, after so many failures, I may actually be learning something!

Take it from me. It is not part of the plan for an Abundant Life when we are physically miserable.


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