Month: October 2016

What Are You Missing?

  • What does light do?  It makes everything visible.

We see things we’ve missed, we find new paths, and discover hidden treasures!  Why did we stumble for so long?

I read in Ephesians 5:8 this morning that once we accept the gospel; God as sovereign Lord of our lives; we begin to walk in the light and not in darkness anymore!

in verse 10 it explains once we live as children of God (the light); then we are to FIND OUT WHAT PLEASES THE LORD. wow!  That’s not just a command but an exciting direction of a process!  It’s not that we will uncover one answer, but that we will walk in the process of seeking, finding, uncovering, revealing, exploring and many ah-ha moments!

Verse 14 sums it up: wake up oh sleeper, rise from the dead; and Christ will shine on you.

It is a call to wake up and realize the potentially dangerous condition we may be slipping into. The devils favorite tactic is to make us think we are doing great; loving everyone and that we don’t need a Savior.

When we realize his lie and see God for who he is, and decide to follow him…. we then begin to live in the light and see things much differently.  This is the beginning of an amazing walk!

Light makes everything visible!  What are you missing?