What Are You Missing?

  • What does light do?  It makes everything visible.

We see things we’ve missed, we find new paths, and discover hidden treasures!  Why did we stumble for so long?

I read in Ephesians 5:8 this morning that once we accept the gospel; God as sovereign Lord of our lives; we begin to walk in the light and not in darkness anymore!

in verse 10 it explains once we live as children of God (the light); then we are to FIND OUT WHAT PLEASES THE LORD. wow!  That’s not just a command but an exciting direction of a process!  It’s not that we will uncover one answer, but that we will walk in the process of seeking, finding, uncovering, revealing, exploring and many ah-ha moments!

Verse 14 sums it up: wake up oh sleeper, rise from the dead; and Christ will shine on you.

It is a call to wake up and realize the potentially dangerous condition we may be slipping into. The devils favorite tactic is to make us think we are doing great; loving everyone and that we don’t need a Savior.

When we realize his lie and see God for who he is, and decide to follow him…. we then begin to live in the light and see things much differently.  This is the beginning of an amazing walk!

Light makes everything visible!  What are you missing?


Ms Senior Florida Pageant! How About You?

2016 Pageant with Tom

Julianne (Ms Snr Florida 2014) with husband Tom Talley at the 2016 pageant.

2016 pageant with Lousie and JT

Julianne ‘dancing’ with Louise Ferla of Ms. Senior America


Julianne with 2014 Ms Senior America Carolyn Corlew

2016 Ms Snr Fl contestants

2016 Contestants at the Queen Luncheon




















2016 Donna Dean2

2016 Ms Senior Florida: Donna Dean


Saturday, March 19th was the 2016 Ms Senior Florida Pageant and although it was held in Vero Beach at the Performing Arts Center, the contestants came from Jacksonville to Miami!   Donna Dean was crowned  2016 Ms Senior Florida, with four beautiful runner-ups and a handful of very talented women who received trophies for their work!

Being over 60 can be very challenging at times!   This pageant is a pageant especially for women over 60….women of elegance, of talent and of guts!   As the 2014 Ms Senior Florida Queen, I enjoy assisting in this pageant each year, because I get to rub shoulders with some absolutely amazing women!   A beauty contest for women over 60 you say????  Absolutely!  But, this is more than that.  For you see…beauty may only be skin deep, and when it is, it is pretty obvious.  This pageant looks much deeper!   We seek women who are willing to put themselves out there, not to WOW, not to necessarily impress, but to INSPIRE other women that they too can do this!  It is about taking care of yourself, not being afraid to tell your story, showing the world that you can dance, you can sing, you can draw you can create…..the list goes on and on!

As I worked back stage to assist the ladies, I heard stories of tragedy, challenges, fears, excitement, drive, devotion and amazing strength!   Ages range up in the 80’s!   I am continually motivated by their many abilities and amazing attitudes.  I am most impressed with the ladies that don’t have to brag about all their accomplishments….all they have to do is tell their story, and then they live it….every day!   It is so refreshing to be a part of this program and I am continually honored to hold the crown for 2014 and I look forward to meeting new contestants as we grow in numbers and reach new ladies.

If you are interested in being a part of this, please contact me.   Your obligations would be to rehearse in Vero Beach 4-5 Wednesdays prior to the March event, to be able to purchase several outfits, memorize and speak your philosophy of life (45 seconds) and show your talent.  Once the Queen is crowned, then she has the opportunity to compete for the Ms Senior America!   Many of us when we were first approached said, NO WAY!   But, that is a normal reaction.  Keep an open mind and truly consider being a part of it!  You will meet new friends, rebuild your self esteem, be reminded that you have plenty to offer others, and enjoy watching others as you work together to give others a wonderful and exciting show!

DON’T BE TIMID….be inspired!  Tell others about this pageant and let’s get the biggest show we’ve ever had for 2017!    IF you would like me to come talk to your group, I am happy to as this is my passion …. to help other women reach their full potential!   Many have found second careers, new opportunities and a new found confidence!   You may reach me at julising4u@gmail.com.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!



Quit complaining: Change

Ms Senior Florida

Joyce Meyer said “If you hear yourself complaining about the same things in your life all the time, then that is an indication you need to change things.”

Change.  We don’t like it, but we sure want it!

What do you hear yourself complaining about all the time?  What do others say they hear you complain about?  How long do you want to live in the complaining mode? Is it fun?  Are you happy with it?  Do you run off family and friends with your complaints?

NOW is the time to change it and only YOU can do that!  If you don’t know where or how to start….here are some tips:

  1. write down what you complain about (write it all down!)
  2. find the common denominator (duh….it is you!)
  3. write down your options
  4. write down why you want to change
  5. write down WHEN you begin

I believe inside every person is the knowledge of what must be done to change and improve. You know it, deep inside…you just don’t choose to admit it, or do it.   But let me tell you….change doesn’t happen by itself.  You have to want it….you have to do it, you have to apply yourself, you have to discipline yourself and you have to sometimes make yourself!

Complaints can be about not having enough time, working too hard, feeling bad or in pain, too fat, depressed, about a certain person, you don’t like church, your neighbor isn’t friendly, you hate politics, and the list can get really long!  When you realize you are about to ‘speak’ a complaint…hold that tongue and don’t say it!   Don’t even let yourself think it!

I can tell you all change starts with YOU and no one else.  They will NEVER change unless they decide to and you cannot control them. BUT you can control yourself!

For me, the decision to do something about it, to get rid of what was holding me back, and to start fresh…. That was my beginning.

Facts:  Over-eating  is 80% of your reason for how you feel, what you weigh, what you think, how you process and your overall energy level.  Your physical condition is based on what you do the other 20%.

Do you really understand that controlling what you put in your mouth could be a huge answer for you!  Does the taste of French fries override your desire to feel good?  Really?  It’s time to rethink! Is it really worth it?   So 10 minutes of taste equals a life time of misery?

Eleven years ago I  started by giving up anything white. Flour, sugar, potatoes, ….. you get the idea.  Then I began walking one mile in the morning and one mile at night, because I couldn’t do it all at once. I kept notes of how I felt and what I had accomplished.  I limited my calories to 1200 per day; and limited my carbs, fat, and protein to 33% each per day.  (Now we have the LoseIt app and it is perfect to help you with this!)

It seems every few years I have to remind myself to get back to it…..quit taking the easy way out and renew myself.   I found myself complaining, tired, grumpy, I hurt and overall had no energy.   Then…..I remembered:  Give up everything white, eat 1200 calories a day, making sure the carbs, fat and protein is equal (33/33/33) and change up my work out.  Yes…CHANGE up my workout.   And so I did. Honestly….within 3 days I had my bounce back, I wasn’t grumpy and complaining, I have value, energy and felt good about myself again.

I could give you all the details, BUT YOU NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF….what works for you!    To change is to ‘make or become different’.  You want it?   Then quit complaining and CHANGE.


Are You “Wallering In Your Slop?”

I have a theory: Choose to be miserable, and you will be. Choose to be happy and free, and you will be.
Your choice: You choose!

It is really pretty simple but we over complicate it with letting our anger, unforgiveness and hurts get in the way and we simply cannot get over things so we can move on. People that cling to the negative, wear it on their faces and in their body language!

I remember a time when Tom and I had gone through a very difficult, hurtful time in our lives where we felt unfairly attacked and we just could not believe people could think we were such ‘bad people’ when in fact we felt we had given so much to the ministry! We really ‘wallowed in our slop’ for months and just relived the hurt, asked questions over and over, and just could not let it go. One day our very dear friends 17 year old son just piped up and said, “you guys just need to get over it and move on….talking about it doesn’t do anything but bring you further down.” What words of wisdom from such a young man and it completely turned us around. It was a lesson in forgiveness for us and we realized probably for the first time in our lives the power of letting go and forgiving. Through that process, we became winners and we overcame the evil and God honored our obedience. He hasn’t stopped pouring out His favor on us. The more we let go of the past, and ask forgiveness and move forward in faith….the more He blesses us. Now I don’t just mean material blessings….those are nice, but that isn’t what it is all about.

God has continued to show us the importance of ‘letting go’ and ‘moving on’ in order to grow us. The favor is in the thousands of prayers He has heard and He has answered. The blessings are ones of peace, contentment, joy, hope, abundant life, leadership, opportunities, ministry, family, relationships….. and the list goes on and on!

When we get out of our own way…that is when we can see more clearly ahead and God can actually do something! It is also when we can begin focusing on others, caring about other people, listening to others, taking time out for others….that is when life changes!

I know a precious woman who has never let her husband forget he was unfaithful so many years ago. Even though he has renewed his vow to her and has spent years proving his love for her and been faithful….she cannot get over his betrayal. I’m not saying that is easy to do….betrayal is one of the very deepest hurts; but it IS FORGIVEABLE! This poor woman is actually dying from the inside out because of the anger she carries and that is eating away at her. I believe if she could release the anger, forgive the hurt and move forward…she would revive! Her health would re-new (yes! It is connected) and she would have a new life!
Sometimes we have to say it with our mouths first, and then our hearts will follow. Say it, believe it, and do it!

If you need to quit ‘wallering in your slop’…..do it! It very well could save your life!

It's your choice!

It’s your choice!


Eat Clean: Live Clean

Cleaning out things!

Cleaning out things!

When I eat clean, I live clean.  Have you ever noticed that about yourself?   It certainly is true for me.

When I let things slide:  dishes, closet, bathroom, car….that is a sure sign that my eating is sliding too!   The cleaner I eat, the cleaner I live.  I guess discipline effects everything, doesn’t it!
When my closet is in order, it usually means the rest of me is in order.

When I am eating well, excercising effectively and faithfully, many other things seem to fall into place.  My bank account/check book is up to date.  My bills are paid early, my kitchen cabinets stay cleaner, my dishes are never in the sink, the laundry is caught up, my focus at work is more accurate, I seem to have more time, I return calls (instead of throwing out a text), I keep my calendar updated, I am on time to appointments, my mind is in order and  …..wow….the list goes on and on.   So the question is:  why don’t we do something about it when we notice we are sl!ding?  These are sure signs that we’re off, so what can we do to catch it before we wake up one morning and we have gained 20 pounds and our entire home is out of order?
Look around you.  Notice what isn’t getting done.Start making the extra effort to pick up, clean up, and sit up! Probably becuase you’ve quit really counting calories; open up your app and start today again…counting every bite. To kick start yourself, try cutting everything you eat in half.  Or, drink a protein shake only for the 1st day.
Clean out your closet.  This is a great mental exercise for me.  You’ll end up trying on clothes and ‘ut-oh’some may be tight.  You also might find a few things you forgot about that you love!
Put your shoulders back and stand tall.  Really!
Write down your goals.  For the month, for the year.  For 5 years.  This really is important; when you write it down it is imprinted into your mind and you will feel accountable to the outcome, even subconsciously.  The best reward is going back and reading them to realize you’ve met so many (if not all) of them!
Realize that every excuse you make is only a detrimet to you..and no one else.
‘Living’ is not always easy.  It takes discipline to experience life to the fullest.  Don’t we all want that?  We have the tools at our fingertips…just listen to your body, watch your actions and eat clean to live clean!


The Abundant Life

Do you ever wonder what the Abundant Life really is, and what (if anything) can we do to get it?

ahhhhh livingl life on the beach!

ahhhhh livingl life on the beach!

Well, first we need to understand what the Abundant Life is.   It is life abounding, fullness of joy and strength, of body and soul!   It is to have a super abundance of a thing.  Abundant Life signifies a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness and dissatisfaction, and such feelings may motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and change.

We like to complain that we don’t have it, but are we willing to do what it takes to get it?  Can we have the abundant life when our bodies or minds aren’t physically or emotionally prepared to receive it?  We can have it, but wouldn’t we want to have it at the highest level?  To be able to receive the very best?

I remember a scripture in the Bible from Matthew 28 that says for us to ‘go ye therefore and teach all nations…”   I notice two words in this scripture that jump out at me….GO and TEACH.  Go means to move physically….and that means we need to be in the best shape possible in order to have the stamina to endure the process of really going.   Teach requires us to be mentally sharp, to be fully prepared so that we can put feet on our passion for the message.    This means to me, that we need to discipline ourselves mentally and physically in order to keep up with our mission.   The bottom line is; we can’t reach our full potential unless we are in good condition.  Many will disagree with me, but i know from experience that when our bodies and minds are dull….our production is usually lacking, or dull.

This is a simple concept, and very powerful for me personally.   If I am to be a responsible messenger, I need to be sure my delivery of the message is well thought out, well planned, worked on, disciplined, and I will need the stamina that is required to continue on without faltering, so I can be highly productive, alert and protect myself from burnout.  So, that is my motivation to take the best care of my mind and body that is possible.  Working out, counting calories, and being active, using my body and my mind daily, facing challenges with a zeal that comes from knowing this will help make me the winner I want to be!

The Abundant Life?  You really want it?  Begin now to prepare your body and your mind to receive it, so that you can fullfill your passion and give the best you possibly can.   The spiritual side of the abundant life?  Well, that is another article to be written!



Negative? Positive!

I have always been a very positive person, looking for the good in everything I possibly can. I used to tell my children “look for the good and you will find it. Look for the bad and you will find it.” It really is our choice as to how we look at life.
As we get older life does seem to get more difficult at times. It is very easy to get down and look at how bad things are. But the more we have that attitude the more down we get and the more difficult things look.

When I catch myself being down like that I remind myself that there is always good and I search for that good. When I had cancer in 1999 I struggled with being sad for months but then I realized how fortunate I really was! Yes, I had cancer. Yes, I had surgery. Yes, I had radiation BUT but the positive was-they caught my cancer early, my surgery was a lumpectomy and radiation could have been worse! So many people had it so much worse. Cancer also taught me patience, how to sympathize with others, and taught me compassion. Things I truly needed to learn.

Look for the good all around you!

Look for the good all around you!

When you are struggling with something difficult I encourage you to look for things that are good. I have even drawn a line down the center of a piece of paper and put pros on one side and cons on the other and have always been surprised at how many pros there were and how few cons there were.

Truly looking for the good in life is an exercise that we all should practice. It will be an example to others as well as encourage your own self as you grow through difficulties.

Sadly, Many negative people don’t even realize they’re being negative. These are the people that always talk about how sick they are, or post on Facebook that their car broke down, or they’re throwing up, or their dog got hit, ….. Yes those things are happening, but they happen to all of us! We just don’t dwell on it. If you are wondering if you’re a negative person, a tip might be when you begin to notice that people don’t want to be around you.
People run from negative people yet are drawn to positive people.

What type of person are you! You really can do something about your attitude; take a good look and see if you are looking for the good in your life.