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Why Are You In Crisis?

Julianne stressed

Are you facing a crisis? In the middle of a crisis? Anticipating a crisis? Worrying about a crisis?

Did you know your body, soul and spirit are all tied together; what you do to one affects the other two. We know a relationship with the Lord and prayer will get us through, but do we realize how important it is when to also give our body rest and to eat well? Otherwise we tend to blow things out of proportion!

Well, I know what you are thinking. “Really? Once we are in a crisis, it is too late!” Not really. I have found out several things over the past few years. Eating well (I’ll explain that in a little bit) and resting well are the foundation of DEALING well.

#1, Lets talk about eating well. A friend tells me all the time how she eats nutritionally well, healthy, and stays away from ‘processed’ foods. What she doesn’t admit is the overload of carbs, the high calorie content and the sheer volume of food she eats. She has duped herself into believing that eating from all the food groups, and eating until she is full (of so called healthy food), is eating well. Truly, it depends on the definition of well. A lot of fat people eat ‘well’. All I am saying is, take a step back and re-evaluate what you are really eating. If you are trying to lose weight, a reduction of calories is mandatory – period. I’m not a nutritionist, but I’ve lost 100 pounds and I know exactly what it takes.

#2, Lets discuss resting well. Our food intake is directly related to our sleep patterns. If we overload on carbs, we get sleepy, sleep too long, are susceptible to depression, etc. Some of us stay up late (and eat), and (as a result) also don’t sleep well. We worry. We worry we are fat. We worry how people will act toward us. We worry about everything. The worry keeps us awake. Unfortunately, sleep deprived people make poor decisions.

In 1 Kings 19:5-6, Elijah had run for his life and was resting under a shade (broom) tree when the angel of the Lord touched him and told him to get up, and eat. At that point he was offered the bare basics. Bread and water. The Bible refers to the bread as ‘a cake baked on coals’. (I love that!) So Elijah ate and drank, and then he lay down again (to rest). This happened again. And the angel of the Lord told him to eat and rest because the journey ‘is too great for you’. This is a reminder for me to eat well (not indulge, just bare basics) and for me to set aside a time of rest when in a crisis.

Do you know that we need to be in the very best condition possible so that we can put feet on our passions from the message we’ve learned, so that we can deliver it to others!

You want to survive a crisis? Prepare right now! Take care of your body, and be careful with what you put into it and what you do to it. This includes what you eat, how you eat and when you eat – and the amount of rest you get as well.

I can’t give you a magic pill to make your challenges go away – only YOU can address your own issues. Don’t be afraid to really look at your eating and sleep patterns. They will tell the truth.


Set Yourself Up!

Julianne on the 'merry-go-round' of being heavy

Julianne on the ‘merry-go-round’ of being heavy

Ladies….we have two choices:   We can set ourselves up to fail, or we can set ourselves up to SUCCEED!

I choose to do the later; what about you?  Do you even know what you are doing that sets yourself up?

As I was living through my own process of taking the weight off and trying to get into better shape, I realized after the journey, that I had actually set myself up in the past, to fail.   I dieted strenuously; with no consideration of what my body needed to have the energy to succeed.  I didn’t need to be a nutritionist, but I needed to know the basics to succeed.  I also drank way to much diet soda….almost addicted to it.  I also have used sugar substitutes for 40 years!  I now believe that sets up our taste buds to ‘want more’.  I kept unhealthy snacks in the house.  I ate until I wanted to burst…heck, I could out eat my own husband.  I took on exercises programs that were extreme, and I couldn’t last.  I looked for others approval….and that wasn’t going to last either!

As I look back on what made me successful, I realize several things.

mom copy

My very first thing I did right, was to make a ‘decision’ to do it right…and stay with it.  No more strenuous diets….straight forward counting calories WITH consideration as to what makes up those calories.  Keeping it at about 30% fat, 30% carbs, and 30% protein.   I actually leaned heavily on the proteins side and less on the carbs. One of my guidelines:  no carbs (0r very very few) after 4pm for me.  I also realized some fat is necessary and is the ‘glue’ to help the other nutrients stick to my digestive system and helped me process foods better.  I realize this is laymans terms…but it is what I understand and what works for me.  Yep, and I cut out the diet sodas…all together; 2 years ago. What a difference that made!  No more late night trips to the bathroom for sure!  I don’t crave sweets like I used to either!   Oh yeah and I started limiting the snacks I keep in the house.  I learned and appreciated the taste of food…(like chocolate)….not to gorge on food!  And I discovered the exercises that I enjoy, and the ones that I don’t….and I gave myself permission to do what I like to do.  And lastly, I decided to do this for me, not for others approval.  Because I want to do this….live this way….the rest of my life!  I don’t want to burn out!  I don’t want to obsess over it…I want to actually enjoy this life journey; to feel good, to have energy, to be highly productive and to stand in confidence!

When I first started working from home, my office desk was actually 5 feet from the refrigerator!   I worked right there in my kitchen for 4 years….and I still managed to have success!   See, it is putting things in place to help us succeed!  AND, discipling ourselves in the journey. I so had to discipline myself…set up parameters….and make decisions that set me up FOR SUCCESS!

This journey is yours….all yours.   Set Yourself Up to be successful and enjoy the entire process!  Set Yourself Up to Succeed!

Ladies: It’s Time To Live Life Well!

There was that one day that I took a really hard, long look in the mirror and decided that I had to change things.



I didn’t like the way I looked.  I didn’t like the way I acted.  I didn’t like that I had lost my quick wit, my sharpness; I simply just felt dull.
At that time I didn’t realize it was my body’s reaction to ‘carb overload’; being lethargic and actually being in denial.  As I realized that I had to do something drastic to get my old self back….something I had never done before.  It wasn’t going to take a diet, or a program, or a class, or a diet pill….it was going to take renewal, discipline, creativity, and a willingness to never get like this again.  Big changes were ahead.

I remember journaling and now as I go back and read the notes I had written, I have to smile.  For in the depth of despair, fear and uncertainty, I found peace in knowing I had a lot of control over this issue.  God was allowing me to see that.  I was assured that He had given me all the tools I needed to live life well.   All I had to do was just ‘do it’……with ‘no excuse’.

Experiencing cancer in 1999 was trying enough; but fighting obesity all my life was the scare that I needed to change.  Obesity was something that wasn’t necessary and was hindering me from reaching excellence.   My excess weight got in the way of my relationships, my career, my health and my service to God.  If you’d asked me before this ‘awakening’; I would have told you that God loves heavy people and that I was doing ‘just fine’ thankyouverymuch!  That was a lie to myself. Well yes, God does love me fat or skinny…but the lie?  I wasn’t ‘just fine’!

mom copyThe journey is a long story in itself, but the outcome from the goals I set, the promises I made and the truths I lived….well that is the proof that yes, we can re-invent ourselves, we can be successful in changing our lives and we can be fulfilled in a way that is beyond our comprehension when our weight is not in our way.

I learned that people don’t look at you when you are fat.  Not really.  We are not heard as well, and many times we are not respected or valued as highly as we could be.  This is wrong and it shouldn’t be like this….but unfortunately it is pretty much the norm.

Ladies….it isn’t about how you look as much as how you feel, how you perform, how you think about yourself, how you stand tall, how you serve others, how you excel, how you wear your clothes, what you spend, where you eat, how you think, what you believe and where you are going.  If you will make the decision today to do something about what you can, and let go of what you can’t change….you will be on the road to success.

I encourage you to find your future with exercise and diet that you CAN LIVE WITH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

In the MAX gym in Vero Beach with husband/trainer Tom Talley

In the MAX gym in Vero Beach with husband/trainer Tom Talley

If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it.  Be creative.  Be definitive.  Be strong.  Remember you did not arrive at your current weight overnight, so this won’t be a quick process.  But it will be a fantastic process….you will get your mind back; it will be clearer, you will get your wit back, life will be more fun.  You will get your body back, clothes will fit better.  You will get your hair back, your complexion back, even your face will look different.  I’m not kidding.  God made our bodies to work perfectly, yet we have abused our bodies for years and whine that they don’t work well, they are falling apart, and breaking down.  Well if we would care for our bodies, put the right things in to fuel ourselves, and not abuse our bodies….we’d have a much better chance at living longer, healthier, happier and we’ll get a lot more respect on the way.

So remember: you DO have control.  You can change things.  No excuse.  None.